Central Live • Les Croisières Dolori - Nocturne - dj's @ Café Central, Brussels [12 avril]

Central Live • Les Croisières Dolori - Nocturne - dj's

20:30 - 03:00

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Café Central
14 borgval, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Cheap Satanism Records, Night On Earth and Café Central welcome you to:

DJ's Sugartits & Divorce Express


Deux filles aux claquettes sur plaques de métal amplifiées, un tromboniste sur lit de rototoms et autres percussions, des chants yaourts sur nappes de synthétiseur, un blues aux basses analogiques infusé à la no­wave de l'est.

Les croisières dolori, un voyage en barque​ ​à​ ​fond plat, une escale au bar «le transat», une​ ​fête païenne perdue quelque part dans les méandres d'un delta oublié.

[industrial/angst wave]

Saphi is the origin of Nocturne and he began its first analog and industrial experiences in 1994. The first concerns were that of global memory and guilt, the notion of choice and free will. In facing a situation we only find an attitude to adopt in order to react to an emergency and to keep us going. Our biological logic is distinguished from the social logic, and our internal opposition goes against what we sometimes really are or would like to be. It’s in the intimacy of reasoning which arise the first conflicts before their possible extensions, that oscillates Nocturne.

He is now joined by Cécile F., they are now two working between rhythmic noise and dark electronics, acoustic instruments and machinery, singing and whispers. The lyrics are chronicles of mood, inner voices finally delivered. Noise among us in the incoherence that drives us crazy.


DJ'S Sugartits & Divorce Express (Va/Ch)
sexyness and desillusion on the dancefloor
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