NWM NoviSad:European by birth.AEGEEan by choice.In NS on purpose @ Network Commission of AEGEE-Europe, Bruxelles [du 27 au 30 avril]

NWM NoviSad:European by birth.AEGEEan by choice.In NS on purpose

27 - 30
15:00 - 15:00

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Network Commission of AEGEE-Europe
Ever wondered how is (and when) to visit an European Capital of Culture in 2021!
Ever wondered why the biggest and coolest Music Festival EXIT is happening exactly in Novi-Sad?
Well, it is time to see the co-capital already. And is there a better time to travel in than Spring? And is there a better event than NWM? Get really closer to 30+ AEGEEans thus a BESTie and more externals!:)
Do not wait for 2021 to explore the magic of this Youth City full of vigor, spirit and adventorous events!

A Spring Network meeting that will circle the spring month of the months, April — oh well, book that ticket! 27-30th of April it is!
What you will learn & gain:
**PR skills** FR skills** (HR ones) Conflict resolution** and there is more!
What you will discuss, share and plan:
**The Future of AEGEE** European Bodies involvement** Sharing Best practises** and gaining more, brand new ones**

Fee: ***45 e***
Participants: 25 (AEGEEans)
Dates: 27th-30th of April
Means of traveling: Just get here in April***!
Where to apply: google form: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeA0aMAe9gJznAFH83SsECt8jtcWT6vcz0__4BAH5sOTGZfDg/viewform
What to take: good spirit and smiles, for all the rest -we will take care!***
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