Jai-Jagdeesh - Workshop Opening the Authentic Voice @ Koningsteen VZW, Kapelle-op-den-Bos [21 mai]

Jai-Jagdeesh - Workshop Opening the Authentic Voice

14:00 - 17:00

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Koningsteen VZW
Oxdonkstraat 168, 1880 Kapelle-op-den-Bos
Opening the Authentic Voice:
A Kundalini Yoga, Sound, and Mantra Meditation Workshop
(concert on May 20 in Tourinnes-la-Grosse)

It takes time and energy to tune in completely to who we are and what we want to vibrate in our lives—and there's no time like the present. The mantras and meditations of Kundalini yoga encourage us to peel away layers of genealogy, personal history, societally imposed concepts, and fear-based belief systems, all to reveal that Authentic Voice; YOUR Authentic Voice, both spoken and sung, a voice which is the most clear and true expression of YOU.

Join Jai-Jagdeesh for a powerful session of practice—yoga and meditation—to sweep away the debris and silence all the noise that is NOT you. Come strengthen the navel point, open the throat chakra, and allow the heart to vibrate your true sound. Let's speak—and SING—from the Authentic Voice.

This workshop is a combination of yoga, meditation, vocal exercise, and free singing — not to be missed!

«Jai-Jagdeesh is so connected to her heart and soul when she sings that I find myself feeling held by the strength of her connection. In this place one finally has the opportunity to experience the divinity of the Mantra. Her presence and music is simple and pure. From this simplicity the most beautiful flower of her devotion and deep love for God is taking root in our hearts.»
— Snatam Kaur

NL — Jai-Jagdeesh is een sprankelende zangeres, danseres, yoga-teacher, creatieve geest en bezige bij… Haar enthousiasme is hartverwarmend, haar liefde voor «sacred sound» aanstekelijk. Zij staat erom gekend dat ze haar publiek verrast, verwarmt en doet stralen.

ENG — Jai-Jagdeesh is a sparkling singer, dancer, yoga teacher, a creative soul and a busy bee… Her enthousiasme is heart-warming, her love for the «sacred sound» contageous. She's known to be surprising during her concerts, powerful and she has the gift to make her audience shine…

FR — Jai-Jagdeesh est une musicienne pétillante, un esprit créatif et débordant d'énergie… Son enthousiasme réchauffe le cœur, son amour pour le «son sacré» est contagieux. Ses concerts se révèlent surprenants, puissants… elle a le don d'illuminer son public…

Practical info workshop:

Date: May 21 @ 14h00 — 17h00
Price: 60euro presales (65euro at door)
Children -17 ans — 25euro
Tickets: more info soon!
Info: 0478/60 60 86
Place: Koningsteen, Oxdonkstraat 168, Kapelle op-den Bos

Practical info concert:

Date: May 20 @ 20h00
Price: 25euro presales (30euro at door)
Children -17 ans — 15euro (up to 5, no chair, for free)
Tickets: more info soon!
Info: 0478/60 60 86
Place: Eglise Saint Martin, Tourinnes-la-Grosse
This is a beautiful serene church in a village of artists. There are a few floor seats available, please bring your own cushion and/or matt to sit on.

Duo ticket (concert & workshop): 70euro (instead of 85euro)

Limited number of seats, so book fast if you want to join us.

She is also giving a concert the day before — all info here facebook.com/events/163777790774005/

Jai-Jagdeesh's journey as a singer began over 20 years ago, in a temple in India, and the soundcurrent continued all through her childhood. She attended boarding school in Dehra Dun (Uttar Pradesh) and Amritsar (Punjab) for her entire education. This time spent in Northern India set the foundation for a deep connection to the sacred texts of the Kundalini Yoga tradition & the Sikh faith. Between then and now, her creative spirit has walked many artistic paths: actress, classical Indian dancer, photographer and writer.

Music returned to the forefront in 2011 with the release of her debut album, 'I Am Thine'. Her second full-length album, 'Of Heaven & Earth', shot to #6 on the Billboard New Age chart within weeks of its release. Her two meditation albums, 'The Expansive Spirit' (2012) and 'Miracles Abound' (2015) are beloved by yogis and yoga teachers around the globe.

Jai-Jagdeesh continues to record (a new album is slated for release in October of 2017), perform, and express her heart's deepest creativity. She is completely devoted to sharing these sacred sounds, and sings them from the center of her heart. With humility, grace and kindness, she brings a bit of dance and lot of love to the world of kirtan.
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