BXL WKP! #2: Come light your morning fire. @ Coworking Les Galeries, Brussels [22 mars]

BXL WKP! #2: Come light your morning fire.

06:30 - 09:30

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Coworking Les Galeries
Galerie du Roi, 30, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
It's spring time! Time to shake off our winter feathers, welcome the Return of the Sun and light the fire in our hearts on the 22 March, a day to remember and of remembrance.

For one crazy morning, travel back with us to a time where secret societies was a place of magical happenings. Where outsiders and artists met behind masks and capes — to uncover their wildest selves. Where rituals to welcome the Sun and worship the gods were part of daily life.

☀ Let's get mystical on the dancefloor! ☀

So bring your mask — we'll make you dance! And when you need a break for your feet, a healthy breakfast you will eat.

♦ 6.30 — 7.30: YOGA + MEDITATION SHAKE UP ♦
♫ 7.30 — 9.30: DANCE TO THE BEATS! ♫

✔︎ Dresscode: anywhere from your pyjamas to your work suit (be ready to sweat) to your funkiest dance outfit. And for this edition… bring your favourite (morning) mask!

✔︎ Don't forget to get your tickets in advance! eventbrite.com/e/bxl-wkp-2-come-light-your-morning-fire-tickets-32211638879

☀ PARTYING 2.0 ☀
We believe in morning miracles! So set your wake up call, conquer the snooze and join us for an early energy boost. Welcome to partying 2.0: happy, healthy & holistic! It's gonna be wild.

Brussels WAKE UP

☆ Coworking Les Galeries ☆
Where the magic will happen. An 18th-century jewel right inside the Galeries du Roi in the city center. A coworking, event and art-place to discover!

☆ Yoga Room — Brussels ☆
Trust experimented yoga teacher Nino Mendes to awaken your body, align your energies and elevate your spirit to start the day with energetic yogi superpowers!

☆ ON. DJ collective
Groovy. Electronic. Powerful competitor to your morning coffee.
Get ready to dance to the beats.
Get into the vibe here: soundcloud.com/ondot

☆ Les Allumettes☆
Ever thought meditation was not compatible with partying? Be ready to be surprised! Come and let Inspiring Morning Bruxelles make us enter the dance with a clear mind!

☆ Benoit et Pascal ☆
And after the dancing, the relaxing. Benoit (Shiatsu Bruxelles) and Pascal will be there to offer express energising massages. Your body will love them.

☆ GrEAT Granola ☆
Breakfaaaaast! Come and discover some of the most crunchy, divine granola bowls in Belgian history, and fuel your body to dance.

☆ Full of Good ☆
Yes, that's right! Lots of vitamins, love and colours in these delicious cold-pressed juices. To make your cells happy and your body bounce around.

☆ Corica ☆
Okay, we lied when we said there are *no substances* at BXL WKP: we could not deny you the black gold. This is not just any coffee… artisanal torrefaciton of the best quality from the Corica Café, be ready to get high ;-)

☆ The Lemon Spoon ☆
Brussels WAKE UP! is not just about partying: it is about #conscious partying, healthy workdays & making amazing connections. For those who want to keep living consciously after 9:30am, check out The Lemon Spoon's website — the ultimate conscious lifestyle guide.
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