Japanese New Music Festival @ Magasin 4, Brussels [26 mai]

Japanese New Music Festival

20:00 - 23:55

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Magasin 4
Avenue du port 51 B, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Japanese / Experimental

» ZOFFY (JPN) (Psychedelic / Acid Folk)

ZOFFY (Tsuyama/Kawabata)

Formed in 1998. Zoffy's music hints both at the members' deep musical knowledge via their improvised performances of troubadour music and European trad, and also at their deep love for rock via their destructivist covers of classic rock songs, that no longer sounds like anything but ZOFFY. The group believes that humor is essential in music, and their unprecedented performances stray far from the beaten track. Is this the Ultima Thule that rock music has long been aiming for?

Smoke on the Water

» AKATEN (JPN) (Experimental / Avant-Garde)

AKATEN (Tsuyama/Yoshida)

Formed in 1995 with the motto of «irresponsibleness» and «perfunctoriness.» They easily free themselves from the spell of the traditional seriousness of the art. Using daily commodities like scissors, toothbrush, zipper, camera, and plastic bottle as percussions, and shouting their brand names over and over as the «songs,» the show is performed under the concept of low cost and maximum sound effect. AKATEN is the experimental convenience store punk band that provides the sound images of cheap and simple daily lives.


» ZUBI ZUVA X (JPN) (Acappella / Experimental)

ZUBI ZUVA X: Yoshida/Tsuyama/Kawabata

Eccentric poly-rhythmic a cappella ensemble. It covers from Gregorian chant to ethnic music, to do-wop to hardcore screaming, heavily using irregular rhythms and polyrhythm. All sorts of ideas and aberrant musicality overturn the image of a cappella. their totally meaningless lyrics and desperate performances throw the audiences into the abyss of the laughter and admiration. it makes the concept of «singing ability»nonsense.

» ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE SWR (JPN) (Psychedelic / Experimental)

Acid Mothers Temple SWR is one of many offshoots/permutations of Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.


» KAWABATA MAKOTO SOLO (JPN) (Experimental / Drone / Psychedelic)
Kawabata Makoto is the guitarist and leader of Acid Mothers Temple. Kawabata is chiefly famous for his leadership of Acid Mothers Temple and its variants; however, he has also played in many other bands since the start of his career in the late 1970s (Baroque Bordello, Mothers of Invasion, Floating Flower, etc), and has an extensive solo discography. In 2000, Kawabata wrote “Music, for me, is neither something that I create, nor a form of self-expression. All kinds of sounds exist everywhere around us, and my performances solely consist of picking up these sounds, like a radio tuner, and playing them so that people can hear them.


Tsuyama is a very unique mountaineer, known as a bass player of Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Also he plays in other bands, for example Omoidehatoba, Akaten, etc. His musical unique sense based on Trad Music and 70s'Japanese Pops, 70s'Hardrock. This album featured his dark-side of music, boost his sense of humour. In past, sold as tour CDr on AMT's europe tours.

» RUINS ALONE (JPN) (Jazz core / Experimental)

A real octopus, Tatsuya Yoshida began the drums at the beginning of the 1980s. 25 years later, he has become a truly polyrhythmic monster with syncopated respiration. An initiate in progressive music from high-school days, Tatsuya Yoshida listened to Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Camel and This Heat. Although he cites his main influence as Christian Vander and Magma’s Kobaïan operatic choruses and interlaced phrasing, Tatsuya Yoshida also mines other seams to create a new, complex and concentrated style, incorporating the expressivity of prog rock, the freedom of jazz and the energy of punk.

The foundations of Japanese independent and alternative music were born in the Eighties. Tatsuya Yoshida was already playing in the group YBO2 beside Masashi Kitamura and K.K. Null (Zeni Geva) when, in 1985, he formed a duo, Ruins, with just bass and drums. Four bass players came and went: Hideki Kawamoto, Kazuyoshi Kimoto, Ryuichi Masuda and Hisashi Sasaki. With the departure of his last bassist, Tatsuya Yoshida set out on a quest for a new pretender, but abandoned his mission, unable to find a candidate up to the job. The music Ruins were creating had become so complex that electronic machines were now Tatsuya Yoshida’s ideal partner.

Ruins then became Ruins Alone. Like syrup or strong alcohol, Ruins make music that makes you grimace. Ruins is a lab of the Tatsuya Yoshida stamp, a direct interface between his brain and his drumsticks. You could get 15 rock records out of one Ruins album, just by adding a bit of fizzy water. Each composition could be developed in many different directions. Tatsuya Yoshida plays in numerous groups; he needs to, to sustain sufficient space for his overflowing creativity.

Tatsuya Yoshida has worked with some of the greatest improvisers on the planet, such as John Zorn, Fred Frith or Derek Bailey. Today, above and beyond the Ruins Alone project, Tatsuya Yoshida is the composer and drummer both in Korekyojinn, an instrumental trio that pushes polyrhythmic complexity to its ultimate limits, and the Koenji Hyakkei ensemble, a quasi-orchestral formation that bridges the gap between prog rock and contemporary music. In his time out from music, Yoshida compulsively photographs stones. He travels the world in search of the mineral beauty of monumental statues and the millennial energy of rocks.


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