Dub Trio // Terraformer @ Magasin 4, Brussels [6 juin]

Dub Trio // Terraformer

19:00 - 22:00

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Magasin 4
Avenue du port 51 B, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
!!! Curfew: 10 pm!!!

» DUB TRIO (US) (Dub / Metal / Rock)

Dub Trio is made up by DP Holmes (guitar & keyboards), Stu Brooks (bass & keyboards) and Joe Tomino (drums & melodica). With revolutionary combinations of electronic, rock, and jazz, Dub Trio pay homage to King Tubby's original dub style. In the past they have toured with Meat Beat Manifesto and Soulive. They are all sought after session musicians, having recorded with the likes of Bo Bice, G-Unit, Tony Yayo, Mobb Deep, and Macy Gray. Joe Tomino recently recorded an album with The Fugees. DP Holmes can be heard on albums by Mos Def and Common.

» TERRAFORMER (Prog-HardCore)

Three piece. Instrumental. Oh My God Climax. Almost shredding. Wild. Cheesy layers. Rash looping. Evil patterns. Semi mosh. Catchy tappings. Messy. Sexy lads. Br00tal! Barefaced. Mickey. Ninja. Emergency. Cephalopod.Elusive. Booby hatch. Ham rotten. Homeric. Ethereal. Celurean. Dragon. Terrestrial. Epic. Gray. Méduse. Explosions. Tasty shirts. Wolves. Hibou. Opaque Ethyl. Beast. Puddles. Summoning creatures. Ship related stuffs. Peril. Bricolage. Noir. Surge. Whopping. Misty. Summing. Vultures. Seismograph. The pink lizard. Burst. Creatures.

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