Famous Female Artists - Cindy Sherman @ Art for Everyone, Brussels [2 mai]

Famous Female Artists - Cindy Sherman

18:30 - 19:30

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Art for Everyone
Moutstraat 22, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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There have been some major improvements during the last 50 years when it comes to women's rights, employment and place in society. However, we are still far from being equal and that shows in every aspect of our lives, also in art.

So this term I want to talk about 15 brave, creative and singular women in art history and nowadays who have dared to go against the establishment and break the so called rules of good behaviour. Who have fought and struggled and experienced setbacks to achieve their goals… or at least tried to. I want to honour those women by telling you about them, one person at a time, about their lives, family situations, their styles, dreams and which topics influenced their art and what they were trying to achieve with it all. And of course we will talk about a few selected works in detail, how and why they were made, the story behind the image and the perils they had to (possibly) sustain to make it until the present day.

The whole course will last for 15 sessions (of 1 hour each) and will take place on Tuesdays. You can sign up for 1 or 5 lessons.

Price for 1 lesson: 25€
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