The Disappearing State? Contested Governance in the 21st Century @ Brussels School of International Studies, Brussels [du 6 au 7 avril]

The Disappearing State? Contested Governance in the 21st Century

6 - 7
08:30 - 15:00

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Brussels School of International Studies
2a Boulevard Louis Schmidt, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

This conference focuses on the responsibility and legitimacy implicated in governing claims over a population; at the core of the question of who provides what and to whom? Understanding how states compete or engage with non-state actors involved in providing public goods traditionally of state responsibility (such as security, healthcare, justice, or education) is extremely relevant today. This conference’s theme participates in a broader debate aiming to understand what we could and should expect from a modern-day state, and aims to help in the development of more appropriate, coherent and efficient policy-making in the treatment of particularly pressing global issues.

* The Development Dilemma: who's responsible for aid?
* Non-state actors in health policies: the Ebola outbreak as a case study
* The Taliban Shadow Justice: a challenge to the state or an opportunity to reinvent the judiciary?
* Writing the textbooks in crisis situations: the Iraqi case
* Beyond Internet access: Developing Countries and their citizens' data protection
* Forced migrants in Austria: who's responsible
* Armed Groups and Humanitarians: a de facto partnership?
* Shifting the security monopoly: EU counterterrorism and the State

All sessions and conference materials will be in English

Conference Chairs:

Ms Salomé Ietter and M Andrew Dunn
[email protected]

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