Radical Tenderness flash day with Darkam, Mpatshi, San and Plum' @ Deuil Merveilleux, Brussels [12 avril]

Radical Tenderness flash day with Darkam, Mpatshi, San and Plum'

11:00 - 18:00

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Deuil Merveilleux
1060 Brussels, Belgium
We all have beliefs, passions, things that matter to us, that we want to improve.
Regarding ourselves or the world around.

It’s time to put them out there in our personal way.
Some are radical, some are tender, some are activists and some are caring. Some are all of the above.
In the end we all balance it with our hearts and brains, offering a safe space to everyone without giving up on our ideas.

As the needle puches the skin at high speed, the hand glently carresses it to release the pain.
Tattooing as we see it is an act of radical tenderness.

Based on the Radical Tenderness Manifesto by Dani d’Emilia and Daniel B. Chavez, the artists will offer their own vision of the text through tattoo flashes.

« Radical tenderness is to be critical and loving, at the same time
Radical tenderness is to understand how to use strength as a caress
Radical tenderness is to know how to accompany one another, among friends and lovers, at different distances and speeds (...)»

The complete text by Dani d’Emilia and Daniel B. Chavez is available here: danidemilia.com/radical-tenderness/

Designs will be between 5 to 15cm, and we will post the drawings on april 4th at 21h.
Booking by email only, AFTER APRIL 4TH, when your design is chosen.
Subject: «Radical Tenderness 1204» (please respect this or we won't be able to answer you on time)
Darkam Tattoos: [email protected]
Mpatshi: [email protected]
San Deuil — Tattooer at Deuil Merveilleux: [email protected]
Capitaine Plum': [email protected]

For regular updates, informations and our upcoming events, please follow our page: Deuil Merveilleux.
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