Orpheu & Sweet Alibi present : Beau Wanzer (live) and more. @ Les Halles Saint Gery Bruxelles, Brussels [27 mai]

Orpheu & Sweet Alibi present : Beau Wanzer (live) and more.

20:33 - 03:00

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Les Halles Saint Gery Bruxelles
Place Géry, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

ORPHEU & Sweet Alibi Present:

ORPHEU is an organization that throws events in Brussels.
Created to turn away from conservatism and get toward a past-embracing but forward-looking music. Event created to develop the emergent artists guests of the contemporary scene to seduce a regular public music lover and not only a clubbing audience.

SWEET ALIBI aux Halles Saint-Géry (Bruxelles) sont des soirées musicales ayant pour but de réunir la fine fleur d’artistes internationaux en développement avec des artistes locaux confirmés, une réunion intime autour d’univers musicaux proches, différentes atmosphères à même de pouvoir s’échanger le temps de quelques heures, créant ainsi des ponts, dans un esprit de découverte de ces différentes empreintes musicales qui bâtissent notre temps et préparent le futur.


( Nation — LIES Records News ) US

For the past several years, some of the most talked-about figures in the world of techno have been the freaks—the outsiders, the punks, the weirdos, the people on the fringes who approach electronic music from non-traditional perspectives, bringing to bear influences from punk, industrial, noise, experimental, and hardcore to create dance music that sounds anything but ordinary.
Beau Wanzer, self-described weirdo, is one of these figures; his music incorporates the atmosphere and motifs of early industrial, the rhythms of vintage minimal synth, and the raw, gritty feel of turn-of-the-century European electro. ( By Xlr8r.com )

Beau's useful links:

░ DE-BONS-EN-PIERRE ( Beau & Maoupa DJ )
( Dark Entries Records ) BE/US

If you find yourself longing for the days when electronic music was the preserve of strobe-lit dungeons in ruined European metropolises populated by leather-clad bodies fist-pumping in a deep, amphetamine fueled funk, then De-Bons-En-Pierre could be just the group for you. Recorded when Chicagoan Beau Wanzer stopped off at French analogue fetishist Maoupa Mazzocchetti’s Brussels studio, the six tracks were dashed off in single takes on sought-after noise boxes like the Roland TR-808, TR-606, SH-101, CR-78 and CR-8000. Fans of DAF, Die Krupps and Front 242 rejoice!
( Extract from print review in The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music Magazine )

De-Bons-en-Pierre's useful links:

( Unknown Precept — PFL ltd. — Intramuros ) BE

Introducing AIR LQD (not Air Liquid) unsheathing his debut EP following a notable appearance last year with a seven inches on the lowkey (but nonetheless excellent) Perfekt Funktion, Ltd. label out of Brussels. Forthright, razor sharp techno tracks running at a neck-breaking pace that will leave you breathless, Remain Neutral is all about the urgency and the purposely crafted indiscipline meant to make you twist your body in every directions. Spoke throughout the feral scratches of overworked drum machines and the whiff distorted vocal samples taken from a tape found by chance, France via Belgium's Mehdi Kernachi carries on with his exploration of the danger notion in electronic music — borrowing as much to the slower, noisier industrial music of yesteryear as the speeded basement hysteria of rave culture — applying the scorched-earth policy throughout his tracks. There is a term to summarize this, cutting off your nose to spite your face.
( By Jules Peter on clone.nl )

Air LQD's useful links:

( Orpheu ) BE

Chalk Line's useful links:

Useful Informations:
■ When?
27th May 2017
20h33 — 03h00

■ Where?
Place Saint-Géry — 11000 Brussels
Tél: 02 502 44 24

■ Entrance?
8€ PRE SALE ( Adress very soon )
10€ ON SPOT ( Limited to 33 tickets — DO NOT SLEEP )


‡ Don't be shy and go down to the Chambre Ardente ‡
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