Graduation Show 'Reviewing authorship' @ Sint-Lukas Brussel, Schaerbeek [du 22 au 26 juin]

Graduation Show 'Reviewing authorship'

22 - 26
18:00 - 20:00

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Sint-Lukas Brussel
Paleizenstraat 70, 1030 Schaerbeek
>Reviewing Authorship< is the graduation show of the master students and a selection from the third year bachelors of Visual Arts Brussels. The theme for this year’s show attempts to capture the philosophy in play within the school’s art programs, reflecting on what authorship can still mean in today’s contemporary culture.

The show features works that span the genres of installation, performance, moving image, photography, sound, print, graphic design and storytelling, reflecting the different forms of research and practice fostered by the four departments of which the Visual Arts Program is composed: Fine Arts, Graphic Storytelling, Media and Information Design and Photography.

All of the departments have developed a distinctive approach that is not medium centred, instead focuses on researching and producing artistically authored images and texts across media. The overall approach is oriented towards the formation of responsible protagonists of social transformation and cutting edge investigators of new forms of narrative expression. During the period of the show the school will be temporarily transformed into an exhibition space, where both the display of art and design and the discursive and performative spaces that are more and more an integrated part of them will be centre stage, suspending, if only for a short duration, — but ideally generating a long-term dynamic — the bureaucratic and administrative mechanisms in which so many art schools are currently struggling.

Lectures and Roundtable with:

Roundtable with Els Opsomer and Sint-Lukas alumni “The collective as survival”, Friday, 23 June, 3pm, Gallery

During (and after) their studies at Luca School of Arts, students are organizing themselves in collectives. Slowly they conquer some space and attention in the art world. Starting from common affinities, these collectives enable young artists to survive in a complex and hybrid art world. In order to unveil their strength and determination, we offer a platform where, after some short presentations, a joint conversation around their specific experiences and motives is held.

Invited collectives: Soil collective, DOI, De Imagerie/Het Bos, Mont Saint Eugene, Messidor

Raimundas Malasauskas “The Lipstick”, Friday, 23 June, 5pm, Gallery

An improvisation on the theme of ‘annual report’: It starts from talking about a live monograph of tattoos in memory, walks through eldehydes, lying and collective authorship, and ends up somewhere that does not exist yet as it may emerge in the course of the event.

Thierry de Duve: «Duchamp and authorship”, Friday, 23 June, 7pm, Gallery

“What is an author?” Michel Foucault famously asked long time ago. “What is authorship in matters of visual arts?” Marcel Duchamp might have added, tongue-in-cheek, giving a humorous and cryptic answer to his own question through his work. Indeed, one needs only “read” his oeuvre literally with this question in mind to discover that it contains a full and quite surprising answer to the question.

Mieke Bal: “The Artist as Co-Maker», Saturday, 24 June, 3pm, Gallery

The lecture focuses on the rejection of authorship as bound to the individualistic, sanctified idealization of artistic output; and the need to reconsider that the alternative term «producer» (Hal Foster) is unwittingly complicit with the constantly encroaching capitalistic regime. «Making» seems the most humble, modest, yet precise term for what artists do. But they don't ever do it alone. Hence the addition of «co-».

Presentation “ABCA/BVKC Prize Best Exhibition 2016”, Saturday, 24 June, 1:30 pm, Gallery

The Belgian Association of Art Critics (ABCA/BVKC) yearly presents its honourable Prize for the Best Exhibition of the previous year. It awards a well-founded exhibition, which makes a valuable contribution to the contemporary art discourse. This year, the Prize goes to 'Inland Voyages in An Inland Voyage' by Mira Sanders, which took place at Argos, Brussels.

Student performances

Performance by Gary Farrelly & Chris Dreier: “Dexia Defunct. Musique Concrète for the age of communication and control”, Thursday, 22 June, 7pm, gallery

Performance by Lien Van Ranst: “Triptique of the truth, knowledge and the known”, Thursday, 22 June, 8pm, Fine Arts atelier, 3rd floor

Performance by Dóra Benyó: “Five times”, Friday, 23 June, 2pm, gallery

Saturday and Sunday 23-24, the campus will also feature the Graduation shows of Interior Design, Construction and Film.
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