Period. bootcamp reloaded @ Pianofabriek Gemeenschapscentrum, Saint-Gilles [24 juin]

Period. bootcamp reloaded

10:00 - 19:00

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Pianofabriek Gemeenschapscentrum
Fortstraat 35, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium
***** Women* Only *******
A whole day full of feminist workshops & discussions! Brand new edition. This time we will have 2 rooms and parallel sessions.

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— Public Speaking and Body Language with Léa Charlet
Whenever we talk in public what we say is important, but how we say it is crucial. Body language is a big part of each and every presentation. A simple hand gesture, the position of your feet, your body posture can make a huge difference when facing a crowd. In a small group, we will work together on how to rock our next presentation.

-Women in Public Space with Vesna Jusup
Man spreading, catcalling — those are all everydays’ phenomenons of male dominated public space -this workshop will look through historical role that public space had in shaping gender expectations and role of the women in society: how did the perception of women, allowed in public space, shaped feminist struggles. What can we do to take back the streets, feminise and reclaim public space.

— Haressment at the workplace with Juliette Sanchez-Lambert
How can we all feel safe at work? This is the question we will explore in the workshop. Together, we will think of ways to build a safe and comfortable working environment for ourselves and others, build tools to deal with microagressions and elaborate strategies to combat psychological and sexual harassment.

— Queering Consent with Shannon Leoni
This workshop is about raising awareness about what consent actually means. We’ll discuss it in gay and straight relations and share experiences in then we’ll reclaim consent as a feminist category

— Improv Theater with Milena Horn
‚If Julia had thought twice...‘
How would Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ have ended, had Ophelia told him to shut it and held him her speech instead of waiting to be strangled?
In this theatrical workshop, we will approach the tragedy of female not-acting-up/ not “mis”-behaving on two levels. In a first step we will reverse the fates of female characters in world literature- by telling Romeo that dying for love is so 1598, by letting Othello know that we do not know where he has lost his frickin’ handkerchief…
In the second half of the workshop, we will embrace our inner Julia- and see how acting up can reverse uncomfortable day-to-day situations. Don’t worry, neither previous experience in theatre nor any textual knowledge is needed.

— Check your privilege with Emmanuelle Lambert
What is privilege, and why is it important in the framework of feminist battles for equal rights?
In this session, we will have a look at what privilege looks like, what our own privilege(s) is/are, and how to make our feminism more inclusive and intersectional to fight for the rights of all.
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