Brikabrak² w/ Junior Goodfellaz ◦ Halibab Matador ◦ Yooth ◦ B4B @ Bonnefooi Brussels, Brussels [6 juillet]

Brikabrak² w/ Junior Goodfellaz ◦ Halibab Matador ◦ Yooth ◦ B4B

22:00 - 05:00

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Bonnefooi Brussels
Rue des Pierres 8 Steenstraat, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
══ INFO ═══════════════════════════════════════

▸ Thursday 6th of July
▸ Bonnefooi — BXL
▸ 0 € entrance — free gift

══ CONCEPT ════════════════════════════════════

Aaaaand we're back! Our first edition was pretty fulfilling with people dancing until 7 o'clock and an overall cosy atmosphere throughout the night.

Our formula stays the same: together with Brussels prettiest dancing café Bonnefooi Brussels we're throwing a party whose profits directly go to a group of local aid workers in Haïti.

Why? Last october a hurricane raged across the Haitin inland and destroyed houses, cattle and crops. The local people are left behind with almost no food or shelter so we want to help a hand with growing crops and trees.

Entrance will be free but there will be a possibility to donate a free gift at the door x

More information on the charity part of our event will follow in upcoming posts but first check out the fresh line-up we got you.
A bunch of whizzkid dj's who will bring a wide variety of genres, going from Hip Hop, Beats, Global Music, Baile, Funk to Jazz.

══ LINE UP ═════════════════════════════════════

▸ Junior Goodfellaz — DJ
ⓘ One of Brussels’ finest selectors. This seasoned Hip Hop DJ often appears on Studio Brussel’s airwaves alongside living legend TLP Troubleman. On the side, he also tours with L’or Du Commun and revelation Roméo Elvis as tour dj. This fella got good company.

▸ Halibab Matador (1/2 YellowStraps) — Live
ⓘ J Dilla, FKJ, Tom Misch fans, heads up! this guy crafts beats like it's his second nature. Although his name might not sound familiar, you've probably heard of his main project YellowStraps.
For Brikabrak he'll be doing a soulfull semi live set with his guitar.

▸ UMI — DJ

▸ Synik — DJ
ⓘ From smooth jazz vibes to Brazilian rhythms and African beats: Synik brings the whole world closer. Based in Leuven, his latest mixtape 'Africa in Berlin' seamlessly fuse disco, funk and african grooves in a quite danceable way.

▸ Yooth — DJ

▸ Beatsforbeaches x Dhazed x LÉON — Live

▸ Baptist B2B Kenny Travers B2B Ya$$a$in — Baptists Birthday DJ-set

══ HOW CAN YOU HELP? ═══════════════════════════

▸ Drink our cocktail: we will provide a special Brikabrak cocktail with Haitian rhum as main ingredient
▸ Buy/pimp your totebag: there will be a stand where you can pimp your own totebag for just €5! We provide the bags, paint and some templates (based on Haitian art). Only thing you need to bring is your creativity.
▸ Donate a free gift
▸ Spread the word!

Sounds pretty easy, right?

══ EXTRA INFO ══════════════════════════════════

▸ Free gift @ entrance/door/vestiaire
▸ Timetable soon
▸ Aftermovie by
▸ Pics by Kim Stevens photography

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