Plattenbeau (us) / Capelo / Weird Dust @ Swallowing Helmets, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean [27 juin]

Plattenbeau (us) / Capelo / Weird Dust

19:45 - 23:55

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Swallowing Helmets
Rue van Meyel 71, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
An electronic/synths/psych dancy time evening with PLATTENBEAU (us), CAPELO (be) and WEIRD DUST (be)
PLATTENBEAU is the electronic/ industrial project of Oakland-based Dustin Khebzou and Megan Biscieglia:
Bleak industrial soundscapes, lush vocal arrangements, and cold synthesizers slither between throbbing percussion to create a euphoric sense of unease.
CAPELO is a mysterious synths duo from Brussels.
Emotional pop under the sign of love:
In the smoke, there's music, velvety and sparkling.
The ceiling opens wide. The smoke flies away.
Black comes into being. But not the silence.
In the darkness, the lights are heard in the distance.
Here they are! They are glittering
WEIRD DUST is Mike Crabbé, a Brussels-based artist that makes heavy electronic psych music (aka half the acid-psych-kraut duo Tav Exotic). He will finish off the evening into oblivion.
Come and dance your ass off!!!

Swallowing Helmets is an artists initiative founded by Steven Bertels, Maarten Raskin and Merzedes Šturm-Lie. They organise one-day exhibitions, concerts, workshops and events at their studio-space in Molenbeek. Their in-house label carries out records, magazines, and other limited editions.
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