Fear&Fail Conference Brussels @ Generation Why Not, Brussels [27 juin]

Fear&Fail Conference Brussels

19:00 - 21:00

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Generation Why Not
Voltastraat 8, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
For the third time this year, we are back with an amazing line up of diverse speakers who are going to rock the scene of entrepreneurship and empowerment in Brussels!
Ready to stop feeding the fears?
— Fear&Fail conferences provide a space where we participate in a warm and open environment and learn more about the path of the entrepreneur — their beliefs, challenges, limits and breakthroughs. Every speaker exposes a different and unique experience all of us can relate to, learn form and use as a tool for personal growth.

While failure is only a perspective of looking at things, fears are our underlying forces that shape our realities. Our brave speakers are there to expose fears and look at the failures through a different lens. They each have 15 minutes to share their story and take us on the journey we've perhaps also experienced, but didn't reflect on in such a way.

Meet our brave speakers and book your spot to witness their incredible journeys live:

Bess Stonehouse

Bess has embraced her «Inner Swiss Army Knife». After careers in fashion, live performance and farming, she is focussed on the red thread that permits convergence of all these different professional paths: creativity and human dynamics. Bess is a business consultant and OD Professional, moderating collective conversations for emergent ideas, analysing complex environments and exploring opportunities for improvement, engagement and creative breakthroughs. Her experience in process design and problem solving has nourished enterprise shifts in organisations ranging from aéronautics to hospitals, manufacturing and services, public institutions, European design councils, and youth education.

Frans Nijs

Frans is a practitioner of the Art of Hosting, writer, philosopher, cyclist and civil servant specializing in budget analytics (not necessarily in this order of importance). Frans hails from Limburg and conquers Brussels with his determination to make a difference. After many years in Telecommunication industry and Customer Cervice, Frans becomes a part of the European Commission, where he champions an extraordinary role not only in financing but also in empowering people with a diverse set of skills. Frans’ keen interest in people learning and development led him to numerous knowledge growth initiatives, such as Give Eur-hope, Pro Action Café, Imagination Club and Conversation Table.

Kate Havrlik

Kate's family moved to Brussels in 1970. Whilst she was educated in the UK, Brussels has always been her home. She's worked in many different fields over her professional life — from bars and restaurants, event management, as a radio presenter — with the last 16 years working in the European Commission. Now, at 50, she's decided this isn't the life she wants to lead for the rest of her life. Kate is currently doing everything and nothing, taking the time to ensure whatever follows is her choice — and will bring positive change to herself and others. Kate is not keen on labels, so she falls squarely into the «human» category. Give Kate a car and a road and you've ticked her box. Put everything and anyone into the car and set off. No set direction, just as it comes — the adventure of not knowing. Her two sons and her urban family are a constant source of encouragement, inspiration and love, without whom life would be no fun at all.

The plan for the evening:

19:00 — 19:15 Welcome, drinks&snacks, introduction

19:15 — 20:15 The event: 3 genuine stories from brave entrepreneurs (Bess, Frans & Kate)

20:15 — 21:00 Networking, drinks&snacks
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