YOGA in the Parc @ La Guinguette du Parc de Forest, Brussels [6 août]

YOGA in the Parc

11:00 - 12:00

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La Guinguette du Parc de Forest
Avenue des Villas 80, 1190 Brussels, Belgium
flowing yoga class

little guide or good to know:

— language: English & body language

— price: free donation

— who can come: everybody — no level specifications

— number of spots: unlimited!

— what you need to bring along: yourself & your body ( troubles and issues of any sort you can lock at home in the closet )

— what to wear: anything that is comfy & allows you to stay movable & happy


Q: I have never done yoga before, is it ok if I come?
A: YES! It is even better! Excellent decision! Come come come :)

Q: I dont have a yoga mat, is it a problem?
A: Nope. No worries! Anyway its much nicer without it:) just bring a towel or a blanket. Or nothing and just feel the grass under your hands & feet. that’s the best brand of yoga mat anyhow! :)

Q: Do I need to sign up?
A: No, however, it is always nicer for me to know how many of you guys plan to join:) However (oh yes I used it second time already in this part & I am aware of it ), it might be handy also for you to send me a note so in case of cancellation I can keep you posted:)

------------------> send an email to [email protected]

for those of you who prefer full sentences & want to know what to expect (best is not to expect anything as wise people say, but still, might be good to know.)

Lets open up the bodies & minds and get stronger & balanced together outside, under the blue sky!

Getting that smile & positive vibes on the spot along with the movement! :)

— for yoga virgins

Loads of fun while moving the bodies around in all the directions.

for people with yoga background

Merge of strong & uplifting vinyasa flow with more gentle & relaxing moments

and some little background about me:)

Hailing from the Slovak town of Sturovo, Eva developed a passion for yoga at an early age, gradually becoming an essential part of her life due to its beauty and power to transform, heal, and centre.

Filled with a desire to find harmony and balance — be it on the mat or in mind — she immersed herself in its philosphy and teachings. Being aware of its parallel connection to life, it has taken her on a journey to experience life in its many shades and colours. This led her to pursue her Vinyasa TT certification in the Yoga Loft in Brussel in 2015, followed by the STRALA Intensive training in Amsterdam in 2016.
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