Sunrise Avenue Heartbreak Century Tour • Brussels @ La Madeleine, Brussels [26 novembre]

Sunrise Avenue Heartbreak Century Tour • Brussels

20:00 - 23:00

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La Madeleine
14 Rue Duquesnoy, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

We live in modern times, in an era of technological advances and big inventions, where everything is constantly available; everyone is accessible and always connected. People from all over the world communicate with each other over the World Wide Web, and we control a large part of our daily lives with our smartphones. It's actually ironic that in this age of carelessness, we still suffer from a seemingly banal sickness: heartbreak. On Sunrise Avenue’s fifth album, the Finnish pop-rock superstars analyse why we seem to have forgotten how to be happy and satisfied. Welcome to «Heartbreak Century»!
A good four years have passed since the Finnish band surrounding charismatic frontman and popular «The Voice Of Germany» coach, Samu Haber, released their gold and platinum-awarded, top 3 album «Unholy Ground» – their highest chart entry since the band was founded in 2002. And even the Scandinavian rockers' completely sold out headlining tours proved to be a true triumph over European stadiums. It was just the right time for Samu to take a little (or a lot) of time out to clear his mind for new ideas after such a long period of non-stop hubbub. “I realised that I urgently needed space", the 41-year-old singer and songwriter remembers. «Time away from Finland, from the band and from my current life. So I grabbed my guitar and travelled the world alone for two and a half years.» Australia, Los Angeles, London, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin are the diverse influences reflected in the sound of «Heartbreak Century». You can feel a completely newfound freedom in the music. In addition to the classic, immediately-recognisable Sunrise Avenue trademarks, such as catchy harmonies, rocking guitars and Samu Haber's unmistakable vocals, there's the introduction of modern, urban folk elements, which give the quintet an unfamiliar, fresh and light-hearted sound nuance. Acoustic instruments combine with propulsive rock to create an organic mix, as Sunrise Avenue demonstrate on their first single «I Help You Hate Me».
Close to the release of «Heartbreak Century», Samu Haber appears again as a jury member of «The Voice Of Germany» (from 19 October, Pro7). From 11.10.2017, Sunrise Avenue present their new album live on their Heartbreak Century Tour 2017.
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