BEM17 - Music & Technology Corner @ RecyK, Anderlecht [14 octobre]

BEM17 - Music & Technology Corner

14:00 - 23:59

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55 quai demets, 1070 Anderlecht, Belgium
BEM17 is a 3-day urban electronic music festival
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Ever wanted to go beyond electronic music? Want to discover the technologies and sciences behind artistic expression? The BEM17 — Music & Technology Corner puts together performers, technicians, music start-ups and academics for an all-day gathering that transcends the borders between creative practice, scientific understanding and technical expertise.

Expect mind-blowing technical inductions & workshops, a repair café / circuit bending hub to repair or transform your own machines, a cycle of talks about sciences applied to electronic music, a fair for innovative music start-ups and an all-day series of concerts presenting artists working with technologies.

The Music & Technology Corner of BEM 17 is a FREE event thanks to the support of Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles and Innoviris. Food and drinks will be available at democratic prices (there is no ATM close to the location, so don't forget to bring money in cash to enjoy a drink at the bar)

— — LINE-UP — ------------------

• Fair for Innovative Start-Ups & Applications in Electronic Music • (from 1400 to 2000)
— ✦ Axoloti, Klavis, Joranalogue Audio Design, Polaxis, Shakmat Modular, Livestock Electronics, Dissonance Software, Modor Music and Holon.

✦ and a Music City Brussels electronic instruments booth for beginners.

• Workshops • (from 14:00 to 19:00)
— ✦ 14:00 — 18:00: Repair Café Brussels Electronic Marathon by ARC — Action et Recherche Culturelles: bring your damaged audio hardware to have it fixed and learn how to fix it in the future.

✦ 14:00 — 18:00: Circuit Bending Hub by Xavier Gazon: learn how to give a second life to old family synthetisers or sound-making toys by bending their circuits.
Places are limited for this workshop. To secure your place, thank you for sending an email to [email protected] with your desired arrival time. The different runs of this workshop respectively start at 14h00 & 16h00. It's better to take your own toys (with batteries) even Xavier will take some toys for participants.

✦ 14:00 — 19:00: Modular Synth Workshops by Wired Electronics: discover the fascinating sound and the amazing functionalities of a series of modular synthetisers guided by local experts.

✦ 14:00 — 18:00: SMD DIY Workshop by Wired Electronics and Seismic Industries: learn how to solder smd components! Seismic industries proposes a bunch of smd DIY kits and the Wired Electronics team will be at your side to help.

✦ 14:00 — 18:00: Music & Mechatronics Presentation by Bots Conspiracy: learn more about the Scarabée by Bots Conspiracy a very singular work at the intersection between music and mechatronics.

• Applied Sciences Conferences and Tech Talks • (from 14:00 to 19:00)
— by Ohme in partnership with Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles

✦ 14:00 — 14:30: Maxime Denuc: “Influence de la technologie sur l'esthétique de l'electronic dance music” (in French)

✦ 14:40 — 15:10: Jean Hurter: «Démonstration de thérémine» (in French)

✦ 15:20 — 15:50: Professor Jean-Louis Migeot, ULB: «Comment le physicien définit-il un son musical?» (in French)

✦ 15:50 — 16:30: Pause

✦ 16:30 — 17:00: Professor Frédéric Robert, ULB and Raoul Sommeillier, ULB: “Derrière les curseurs (1): synthèse et harmoniques, peut-on « voir le son » ?“ (in French)

✦ 17:10 — 17:40 :Johannes Taelman from Axoloti, «Sketching digital audio algorithms with the musical playability of standalone hardware.» (in English)

✦ 17:50 — 18:20: Professor Frédéric Robert, ULB and Raoul Sommeillier, ULB: “Derrière les curseurs (2): c’est quoi, amplifier un signal ?” (in French)

✦ 18:30 — 19:00: Doctor Pascal Francq, ULB: “Son analogique et son numérique: Amis ou frères ennemis ?” (in French)

• Concerts and DJ Sets • (from 14:00 to 22:00)
— ✦ 14:00 — 15:50: Dj Ucture

✦ 15:50 — 16:30: Holon: a modular biomusic performance by Sensien & Holminid

✦ 16:30 — 17:30: Dj Ucture

✦ 17:30 — 18:00: Jean Hurter, theremin

✦ 18:00 — 19:30: Dj Ucture

✦ 19:30 — 20:00: Xavier Gazon, circuit bending (presentation of the instruments made during the day)

✦ 20:00 — 20:30: Scarabée by Bots Conspiracy

✦ 20:30 — 21:00: Dj Ucture

✦ 21:00 — 21:45: ALEAs feat. Shakmat, FSTN and Boris Wilmot, modular synths, drawing and animation

✦ 22:00 — 22:30: Cornill x Eliardo, modular synths + ritual dance

✦ 22:45 — 23:45: OTON
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