Cocktails & Opera @ Green Lab, Brussels [16 décembre]

Cocktails & Opera

20:00 - 22:00

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Green Lab
Avenue Louise 520, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Diana Aivia and Anne Zeuwts perform a program of 5 arias which are beautifully paired in mood and character with 5 exquisite cocktails designed with Pierre Millour.

At a Diva Synesthesia performance, Diana Aivia creates a multi-sensory experience for her audience through a delightful combination of music, taste, visuals, movement, and thoughts. (Synesthesia happens when the stimulation of one sense evokes a sensation in another, as when hearing a sound makes you see a color.) When you attend this amazing extravaganza, you will experience each piece of music paired with a compatible cocktail designed to create new insights. Drawing attention to the delicious interplay between the senses, Diana Aivia takes you on a sensual journey that plays with your perceptions, inspires you to make new connections, and deepens your appreciation for life.
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