10 Essential Habits of Ayurveda, with Susan Pulley @ Sampoorna Yoga Studio, Brussels [4 février]

10 Essential Habits of Ayurveda, with Susan Pulley

14:00 - 17:00

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Sampoorna Yoga Studio
Hopstraat 40 Rue du Houblon, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Are your habits giving you health? Or are they going against it?

As a practitioner, people ask me all the time, “Do you actually do Ayurveda?” I know they mean, “What do you do for your health? What works for you?” So here’s what I do: I follow some super-effective diet & lifestyle habits that Ayurveda recommends that promote actively vitality & wellbeing…

This workshop is all about action. Also join the «Discover Your Digestive Type» workshop on 3 February to learn more about the “why” behind your health imbalances and get specific about what you need to troubleshoot.

Price: 45€

Find out more on sampoornayogastudio.be/workshops/
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