Nebula (US) + Majestic Sun @ Magasin 4, Brussels [29 avril]

Nebula (US) + Majestic Sun

19:00 - 22:00

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Magasin 4
Avenue du port 51 B, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
!!! Curfew: 10 pm!!!

» NEBULA (US) (Stoner Rock / Desert Rock / Psychedelic)

Los Angeles based trio **'Nebula'**, comprised of Eddie Glass (Guitar/Vocals), English geezer Tom Davies (Bass/Vocals) & Rob Oswald (Drums). ........It all started when Eddie Glass & Neil Blender were making weird 4 track music ,,Alien Workshops' first video… Eddie then went on to drum for **'Olivelawn'**… later Eddie played lead guitar with **'Fu Manchu'**, writing some of the songs and playing lead guitar on the first three albums.^… **In 1997 Eddie Glass and Ruben Romano started** Nebula**… Guitars, Drums, Moogs, Sitars, psychedelics electric guitars,shredding drums… ***Nebula.*** Tom Davies crossed the Atlantic in the summer of 2004 to join the Nebula ranks.>> ^ the recent addition in early 2007 consists of Rob Oswald, (Karma To Burn/Mondo Generator), Nebula are re-igniting the fires started in '97. Five albums later — one on 'Relapse', two on 'Sub Pop', a couple of EP's on 'Meteor City' and now the long gone 'Mans Ruin' and a long list of records with 'Cargo Sweet Nothing', featured regularly in soundtracks to movies, TV shows. After appearances at ;Sunset Junction' Festivals and numerous tours in Europe, Australia, Japan, South America and many North American tours with the likes of Mudhoney, J Mascis & The Fog and The Hellacopters, Nebula have recently returned from a month long festival tour in Europe and will continue to tour as long as god & man is willing.

» MAJESTIC SUN (Stoner Rock / Progressive)

Majestic Sun offers a diverse and dynamic sound that explores different genres and corners. An exciting listing for any lover of stoner, psych, post and prog rock with a heavy instrumental focus and an array of different influences.

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