Darwa vol. II w/ Wen, Suda, Phonetics b2b Karakol, & more @ Ancienne Belgique - AB, Brussels [23 février]

Darwa vol. II w/ Wen, Suda, Phonetics b2b Karakol, & more

22:00 - 05:00

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Ancienne Belgique - AB
Anspachlaan 110, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
For the second volume of Darwa Club Nights, JHMJ Dar is once again settling into Ancienne Belgique’s Club venue. Last year’s edition took away some of the city’s clubbing innocence as it introduced Brussels to London’s grime-don Spooky and Bristol’s Bandulu Gang members Boofy & Hi5ghost, all of them making their debut in our beloved city.

On the 23rd of February we’ll be setting the stage for the prodigal, versatile and forward thinking producer: WEN, supported by an exciting mix of local back-to-back’s and Her Records founder Suda!

⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲ LINE — UP ⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲⌲

✦ WEN (Kent, United Kingdom / Big Dada Sound, Tectonic, …)

✦ Suda (London, United Kingdom / Her Records)


⌲ Phonetics B2B Jef Karakol (Brussels / 54Kolaktiv, Dar, Perron Zes)

⌲ Wife Mandala B2B Yassassin (Brussels / Dar, Bassin records)

⌲ Tsugi 次 B2B Leru$ (Brussels / Dar)




We’re very, very stoked to bring over the Kent-based producer Wen to rip our decks. Operating in-and-around 130bpm, Wen has re-imagined grime's iconic sounds within darker and murkier settings while producing under a variety of labels: from the legendary label “Big Dada Sound” to “Tectonic recordings” or “Tempa”. Throughout the years he collaborated with a wide variety of artists such as the hard hitting MC Riko Dan, fellow friend Walton and many more. A 90 minute set, filled with unique and uplifting atmospheres incorporated in heavy club-bangers will surely leave an inspiring mark on your auditive imagination and dance-related-neurons. (Similar artists: Walton, Logos, The Bug, Iglew, …)

✦ Suda (a.k.a. Sudanim)


Co-headlining our event is the London based clubguru Suda, previously known as Sudanim. With an unrelenting aesthetic and a strong disregard for genre, the co-founder of Her Records (Kid Antoine, MM, NKC, Fraxinus) burst into the club scene with multiple successful singles and EP's (dropping 'Hives' EP recently). His sets combine fresh swirling synth washes, skewed grime melodies and strong drum patterns that point out to dancehall and Jersey club. All assembled with an ear for crisp rhythmic minimalism, designed for ideal clubbing. Get a taste of Suda's unique selections by checking out his Just Jam Set below. At your service to tear up the club on the 23rd of February!
=> youtu.be/T3WTZI6YH8s



Darwa’s more poetic part: two brothers sharing the decks. Phonetics shouldn’t need an introduction as he’s been tearing up local nightclubs for over a decade and surprises the public every time with his versatile vinyl collection (we really enjoyed his hardcore set at Exit54)! His younger brother Jef Karakol, one of our resident dj’s, enters in his footsteps as he’s making dance muscles sore all around town while graciously switching genre’s. Expect a set full of heavy bass Gqom from South Africa, Fast paced Kuduro from Portugal/Angola, Afro house from the Principe crew and beyond!



After disappearing from the local nightlife, with no hints to be found about their possible whereabouts, the infamous duo returns to shut down Darwa. They’ve been representing forward thinking bass music since they started sharing the decks back in 2014, and will continue to do so. Their energy packed set will make sure all possible tension is released, allowing you to continue your evening feeling completely saturated.



These promising young bloods simply can’t wait to climb the big stage and provide you with a bangin' warmup session. Make sure to keep an eye out for Tsugi, UMI's younger brother, as he’ll be releasing his very own debut EP soon!


The venue has a limited capacity so come early!


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