Professional Speakers Association (PSA) Belgium @ Coworking Les Galeries, Brussels [28 avril]

Professional Speakers Association (PSA) Belgium

09:00 - 13:00

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Coworking Les Galeries
Galerie du Roi, 30, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Common mistakes in English (How to make your excellent presentations even better) by Graham Buik

Graham Buik has spent the past 18 years in Belgium, helping lawyers, linguists and other professional communicators get their message across more effectively in English. Using real-life examples of common mistakes and sources of misunderstanding, he will share some practical tips that all speakers (including «native speakers»!) can benefit from when preparing and delivering their presentations.

Take the leap from Invisible to In-demand by Erik Eklund

Erik has within 1 year from starting his journey as a full-time professional speaker been able to secure a large number of diverse speaking engagements all around the world, from Brussels to as far as to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But how?

Now he lives in Barcelona but he will join us on April 28th to share his tips and tricks on how to:
— Brand yourself as a speaker.
— Find speaking opportunities
— Land speaking engagements both locally and internationally

I heard LinkedIn will be a main topic so let’s settle in for a journey into the clouds.”

Bio Graham

Born in Scotland, Graham Buik graduated from Aston University in 1980 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Communication Science and Linguistics. His research project, written in German, included an investigation of the different types of sounds people make when they laugh. He is even more interested, though, in the sounds people make when they speak, and also when they sing. Firmly convinced that learning should be fun, he was an enthusiastic early adopter (as early as 1974, in fact) of Mind Mapping as taught by Tony Buzan – whom he later had the pleasure of introducing to Celebrity Speakers, a London-based speaker bureau, while working there in a marketing role, researching and recruiting prominent international experts as guest speakers for corporate events. Throughout the first 25 years of his career, working mainly in the fields of business information, market research, translation and legal services, Graham often found himself gravitating towards helping people express themselves more clearly, and in 2005 he decided to specialise in this niche activity. He currently works with lawyers, linguists and other professional communicators, helping them put the finishing touches to high-quality documents and presentations that have been expertly drafted in (or expertly translated into) English. Clients particularly value his ability to identify potential ambiguity and help them avoid «overlooking the obvious», leaving them free to get their message across, in their own style, with a minimum of interference or distraction. As he puts it: «In a word, I disambiguate!». He is a member of Clarity, an international association promoting plain legal language.

Bio Erik Eklund «Live your brand and be unstoppable being you»

Erik is born in a land far far away with golden Chiquita bananas and aromatic coffee. Adopted to a winter wonderland with a religion called IKEA.

He had enough of seeing people give up on their goals and live other’s dreams because of the words: «It won’t be easy — You have to do this — You cannot do that.»

Now, he empowers radiant Homo sapiens around the globe to live their brand and be unstoppable at what they TRULY want to do.

Through speeches, workshops and coaching. His signature areas are:
● Storytelling
● Public Speaking
● Personal branding
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