Vlerick Grand Ball 2018 @ Horta Gallery, Brussels [24 mars]

Vlerick Grand Ball 2018

22:30 - 06:00

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Horta Gallery
Rue du marché aux herbes 116, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
🌿 We are proud to invite you to the Vlerick Grand Ball 2018! 🌿

T H E M E 🌻🌷🍃
✔ Garden Of Eden

T I C K E T S 📫
✔ ONLINE: ticketkantoor.nl/shop/vlerickball/en

P R I C E 💰
✔ Entrance Ticket: €22
✔ Dinner ticket (incl. entrance ticket): €75 — SOLD OUT

I N F O 🌻 — vlerickball.com
✔ Be prepared to end the main part of our Vlerick Experience in style at Horta Gallery!
✔ After a mouthwatering dinner, the magical tunes will get the night started.
✔ All of that combined with a nicely selected range of fine drinks and a few surprises will make it a night you will never forget! 🍸

D R E S S C O D E 💃🏽
✔ Black Tie // Cocktail Dress

✔ Dinner: 19h30
✔ Grand Ball: 22h00

M E N U 💃🏽

Belle-Vue lobster
Vegetarian: Oventoast with Camembert and blue grapes

Tenderloin paired with potato & green spring structures accompanied by broken peppers
Vegetarian: Lasagna with zucchini, mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Chocolate creation with a side of macaron, passionfruit
crumble and red fruit

Every course is accompanied with matching wines.

L I N E — U P
✔ Dj Licious & Sakso
✔ Houseleggers
✔ M3 Many Dj's

S P O N S O R S 🌼 — Soon to be announced!

🌿 H O P E -T O-S E E-Y O U-T H E R E 🌿
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