Memes, Subjectivity Transferences X Simon Asencio @ feeelings, Bruxelles [17 mai]

Memes, Subjectivity Transferences X Simon Asencio

18:00 - 21:00

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Chaussée de haecht 6, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
Subjectivity transferences
Launch May 17th 18:00
Transferences by appointment from May 18th

Hope all is well since our last meeting.
I had mentioned to you some project I had in mind while in Jerusalem and possibly involve you (or parts of you).
The project is entitled Memes
From the idea that the self is not given to us, I think that there is only one practical consequence: we have to create ourselves as works of arts. The I here is Michel Foucault's, in an interview given for Vanity Fair.
Techniques of the self weaving the fabric of subjectivity; sculpted subjectivities moving across bodies.
A biography is considered complete if it merely account for six or seven selves, whereas a person may well have as many thousands. I keep returning to this disclaimer from Orlando's biographer.
I will try here in my role as biographer to account four different persons: a liar, a thief, a chameleon and a stylist. (You may start understanding the reason I am writing this to you..)
The material of these biographies will be used as subjectivity influencers, as tangible memes for intangible outcomes.
Perhaps readership can embark several bodies within one I. Perhaps, reading or giving voice could be a way of wearing a temporary costume of selfness, inhabiting subjectivity like a fiction or simply enabling transference.
I don't want to under-estimate the power of transference or the magick of text —as this could potentially change someone's psyche. And so this might require to be handled with a certain care, discretion even.
I look forward,
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