The Plantswap #26 & Terrarium Workshop - Brussels @ Le Phare du Kanaal, Bruxelles [9 juin]

The Plantswap #26 & Terrarium Workshop - Brussels

14:00 - 19:00

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Le Phare du Kanaal
Quai des charbonnages, 40, 1080 Brussels, Belgium
SEEDS — a community for greenery is back in B-town !


Saturday 9th June Le Phare du Kanaal

Start your day by enjoying a delicious brunch then spend an afternoon in a our green universe !
Learn plants secrets, how to make your own terrarium and exchange some plants, seeds and cuttings for free!

Program :
This workshop will be divided into two parts :

1st Part/ Theory: GREEN TALK
Why do we need plants?
Why are we attracted to plants? Why do we need to be surrounded by them? What are their proprieties and their different uses ?
Origins, benefits, cures, creative ideas...we will unveil the secrets of this mysterious green universe!

2nd Part/ Practise: TERRARIUM

Terrariums are beautiful magical ambients.
Decorative, attractful and easy to take care of.
Terrariums perpetually re use their own humidity, need very low maintenance and thrive on neglect !
No more excuses, this is your chance to discover a truly incredible natural process and develop your green thumb !

The workshop will start with a little introduction on the history of terrariums.
We will then learn to create our own personalised closed terrarium by assembling different materials (moss, plants, littles stones and objects...)

A miniature garden, a perfect ecosystem to take home.

You can bring decorative objects, stones, shells...
All the rest is provided by us.

TALK + WORKSHOP: 35€ per person materials included (technical and tips & tricks sheets, glass jar, plants, moss, gravel)
To book -\-\> [email protected]

The workshop can be held in both French and English.

THE PLANTSWAP: plants, cuttings and seeds exchange

How does it work ?

Bring your cuttings, plants and/or seeds and exchange them with others, tell us their stories and share your tips and tricks.

Potted plants or freshly cutted cuttings, every little (or big) treasure is welcome!

The Plantswap Project

This event of plant swapping aims at gathering its participants around the same passion. It is a place where cuttings, seeds, plants both also tips, tricks and stories are being exchanged (The Plant Stories).

The plantswappers, from beginners to specialists, are invited to fill in a sticker with the scientific and/or common name of the plant, the exchange date and their contact infos in order to allow the exchange to be continued outside of the Plantswap.

A botanical library is also available to help find theoretical and practical advices or simply to flip through the beautiful pictures and illustrations.

About us

SEEDS — a community for greenery is a creative collective founded in Brussels in early 2015 where Giada, Andréa and Cécile met. Through discussions, stories, exchanges, events and creative workshops for both children and adults, SEEDS explores the connections between people and plants. With a DIY and anti-consumerist approach, SEEDS uses recycled materials as much as possible and raises awareness on the innovative practises respectful of our environment.

In the Autumn of 2016, the project expanded to Paris and more recently to Milan where SEEDS continues to organize Plantswaps and creative workshops.


Le Phare du Kanaal
Quai des Charbonnages 40,
1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

TALK + WORKSHOP: 30€ per person materials included

To book your seat for the talk and workshop please send an email to: [email protected]

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