Prettiest Eyes // Excuseexcuse // The Permanentz @ Magasin 4, Bruxelles [14 septembre]

Prettiest Eyes // Excuseexcuse // The Permanentz

20:00 - 23:55

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Magasin 4
Avenue du port 51 B, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
» PRETTIEST EYES (US) (Synthpunk / Garage)

Very pleased to be working with these boys… I first saw them ages ago at the Sattelite and they were cake-takers that night…now, they are stronger and weirder than ever. I couldn’t believe this new batch of tunes and their bananas-energy live show and, their fans are hard-core heads, just a soup of dance and mouths agog brutal, fractured, pogoing beats played by Pachy, also the singer, belching out vocal smoke rings in the laser light above the din they are flat out commands, militaristic in their delivery and yet catchy, like you like em Marcos, an extro-sensual bassist who climbs inside of your mind-clothes while grinding out aggressively greasy throbs and pulls and Paco, the keyboardist who at times plays reeling wailing lines that could be mistaken for a number of other instruments…and the hair on this dude I have a hard time remembering how nice his face is offstage, all you can see is a whip wigging out they are captivating, they are odd, they make strange and interesting choices…futuristic and yet drawn from the same sonic sludge that all mankind derives from they live and breathe early Los Angeles punk vibes while still innovating at every turn there is electricity in this sound they simply rule and what a pleasure to hear the album doesn’t stray far from what makes them just melt it in person recorded perfectly to harness the animal on a nice inanimate slab of plastic you can take home for fans of Screamers, Suicide, Chrome, and yes, a hint of a down unda Birthday Party” — John Dwyer (Oh Sees)

» EXCUSEEXCUSE (Electro Punk / Lo-Fi)

Excuseexcuse is a pact between the Devil and 2 persons to whom he gave immortality. Now, they're free to push their limits without ever caring of any other realities that the one they're looking for. It has been sometimes aggressive and provocative but also tender or dancing. And if anybody got hurt by Excuseexcuse, that's Lucifer's doing.

The originality of Excuseexcuse comes from the 2 bands in which Jeremie and Stephane were playing both; Shelby, an electronica kind of music, and Rodeo Machine, group of metal pop electro, sounds like something in between The Blood Brother and An Albatross. But fast, they got the common need to realize a music and a way of playing that they didn't find anywhere else.

At start, one composed and the other one sang. Then, very fast, everything mixed. The homogeneity of the sound comes more from the way to compose that from the style and the kind of music.

The recording is always very spontaneous and direct, they don't know how to do otherwise anyway. And that gives a lo-fi tint to the pieces, and a directory with atmospheres heavily varied and contrasted, oscillating between electro, hiphop, emo, blues and hardcore…

Excuseexcuse already got the opportunity to play in very different places; from stages well equipped to adventurous squats, even in certain sharpest exhibitions of contemporary art, the will to be there, really there, has always been present


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