Climate, Peace and Security: Time for Action @ Egmont Palace, Bruxelles [22 juin]

Climate, Peace and Security: Time for Action

08:30 - 13:00

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Egmont Palace
1000 Brussels, Belgium
The high level event will bring together ministers, leading international figures, parliamentarians, think tanks and civil society to highlight the ongoing and new threats posed by climate change, consider progress made in making essential policy and operational linkages between climate and security and look at options to drive forward action. You can join and follow all the discussions using the hashtags #united4climate and #climadiplo

You can register here until the 18th of June
Chandra Vikash
I would like to share this question and comment to the panelists esp. for Ms Margot Wallström, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden and Indian foreign minister Ms Sushma Swaraj.
1. Do Artificial partial renewables such as solar panels and windmills merely shift the burden rather than really averting the looming climate catastrophe?
2. In turn, should we focus on the truly bio-renewables — flora and fauna that are naturally given to us in abundance by Mother Earth as elaborated in the comment below?
Comment: Artificial partially renewable energy from «deadstock» creating even more of the same toxic Grey Goo vis-a-vis Natural fully renewable energy from «livestock» producing bi-degradable dung and urine and mechanical power from animal traction that feed on grass and natural fodder from pastures and forests as indigenous people around the world have been using in a sustainable, healthy and harmonious nature. In turn, classical traditional knowledge of Vedas and Upanishads strictly shun use of minerals, water and fuels obtained forcibly from rape and plunder of Mother Earth and to burn them. Like a mother offers breast-feed milk to a child, Mother Earth already offers plentiful and abundant as the «milk» and fruits of her flora and fauna.
That's the choice really.
Artificial partial renewables simply shift the burden. It's another ploy by the non-indigenous zombies to persist and linger with business-as-usual. Everything from growing hunger, mal-nutrition, disease, inequality to population explosion and corruption can be pin-pointed to the deadstock economy using fossil fuels and its explosive growth in the past century or so.
PS: Could the Climate Action program on 22 June be webcast live on the EEAS Facebook page in addition to being available at the hashtags #united4climate and #ClimaDiplo?

Chandra Vikash 
B.Tech IIT Kharagpur MBA IIM Calcutta 
Global Outreach Director — Amritam Trust
Convener — Global Academy for Indigenous Activism (GAIA)

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